About Hadrill Accounting

At Hadrill Accounting, we are passionate about our clients. We get you on the right track and accompany you on your financial journey by looking past the numbers to create wealth.

At Hadrill Accounting, the client experience is important to us. The turnaround time for your tax return is fast, we explain what we have done in terms that you will understand, and we advise you upfront what our fees are. Most importantly, we keep the ATO at bay by staying on top of the changes to tax legislation to maximize your refund while reducing the chance of an audit.

Small business excites us, and it is very satisfying to see clients being rewarded for their efforts by running a successful business. We provide proactive and progressive services and advice, and we are always available to answer those little and big questions. We think that it is important to review the figures quarterly to keep you on track and we also offer an End of Year Tax Planning service in May / June which is the best opportunity to reduce tax.

We are passionate about property as a vehicle for wealth creation and advise on everything property related, including negative gearing, ownership options, and when to sell. We educate our clients on what expenses they can claim as well as providing property folders, spreadsheets and up to date ATO information to assist clients in preparing their documents for tax time.

When clients are discussing such personal topics as money, the conversation inevitably spills over to estate planning, home loan set up, managing risk with personal insurance, and retirement.  Jane is a great sounding board on all of these topics, as well as having an extensive list of qualified professionals that she refers clients to. Jane does not accept referral fees because as your accountant and trusted advisor, she wants to demonstrate that she is truly independent.

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I feel I benefit from working with you because I am always ‘certain’ that your advice and response will be quick and precise. Your staff respond to any queries very quickly and you make me feel that I know where I am standing when it comes to tax issues. You also ‘educate’ me on the new tax rules that I should know (but not more than I need to know) to keep me abreast with them. On the issues that are outside of your expertise, you know who I can contact for advice through your network too. I can get an answer to what I need to know from you or through you.

I would strongly recommend you as an accountant – particularly for people who have investment properties!

Being fairly organised and a bit of perfectionist myself, I know you have an extremely high standard and I can absolutely rely on having my tax affairs under control. I love your style – you combine professionalism with heaps of fun and humour. I can tell that you love your profession, and that’s why I can rely on you. I enjoy visiting your every year for a ‘chat’!

Keiko, Weston ACT